fonts not loading up

Not entirely sure which category tp select for bug reporting but here goes.
Latest update caused nearly all of my fonts in lb disappear. i’ve reinstalled the previous version and all is fine. using windows 10 and c3d

Can you show a screen shot of your fonts list from each version? I am not having this issue.

I am having the same issue lost all the hand writing fonts. Otherwise the new update works perfect no other issues.

Mac version 0.9.19.

Which “hand writing fonts” are you referring to? If you open other software, are these fonts present?

I am not missing any fonts on my system:

Nothing in the 0.9.19 release changed which fonts are displayed, so I don’t understand how this is happening.

All my cursive fonts are gone. When I restart tomorrow I will get pictures if needed.

update, started machine back up today all fonts are back.


I think Thursday was a Windows Update. If you hadn’t reset your computer since then, that might explain it - Windows sometimes does really weird things if an update isn’t allowed to complete.

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