0.9.23 keeps telling me that 0.9.23 upgrade is available

My topic line says it… Every time I start Lightburn 0.9.23 after booting up my computer it keeps prompting me that 0.9.23 is available for download etc

Please post a screenshot of that message. I think the message is telling you there is a patch available. Did you update?

You may see a notice that an update is available for your version - if you see this, re-download and re-install it.

If you don’t want LightBurn to check and inform you of updates, you can control that from the ‘Settings’ window.

here you go

“An update for your version is available.”

I don’t get why people think this is unclear. It knows which version you have (0.9.23) and is telling you an update is available for it.

We’ve changed the wording to something like, “A critical patch update has been released for this version. We recommend you install it.”

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