0.9.24 Blocked when saving file

I just downloaded the update to 0.9.24 and when I updated a file and tried to save it I get a message from Norton “Data Protector blocked a suspicious action by LightBurn-v0.9.24.exe” This is listed as a High Severity. The file it is protecting is the one I wanted to write to so I assume all is safe but my only option is to exclude this process if I want to continue to use LB. I’m also getting the messages about the download being blocked, I’m really happy with the software but the security issues really need to be taken care of.

Tuning your security settings for your new software can be a bit tricky. :wink: I did a quick search over on the Norton site to find the following:

Configure Data Protector to block malicious processes affecting your PC

Depending on your situation, you can add more folders and/or extensions and can also exclude processes for scanning and protection.

  • Add or edit a folder for Data Protector protection
  • Add an extension for Data Protector protection

I told it to exclude LightBurn-v0.9.24.exe and I was able to save again. The nice thing is you only have to tell it one time to exclude a program. I just edited a material library entry and when I tried to save that I got the same thing with a different exe. Again I just excluded this process and it worked. I just wanted to point this out to LB and also have the fix out here for anyone else that runs into this issue.

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Thank you for the update and follow-on steps you used to inform Norton that the LightBurn files are ok to read and write on this system. :wink: I marked this post ‘Solved’ to make it a bit easier for others to find this solution.

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