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Hi Oz and team

Where there any large code changes to the 04 release? As since updating I get alot of app freezing.

Granted I run it on a very low spec tablet but haven’t had this issue with prior versions.

I also note that when checking updates it still says 04 is available and new yet I have it.

Confused as always

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The .04 release had very minor changes from .03.
All releases have notes listed here: https://lightburnsoftware.com/blogs/news

The 0.9.03 release was pretty significant, so if you went from 0.9.03 to 0.9.04 and trouble started then, I’d be surprised if that was it.

When it freezes, what are you working on? There’s a 2 minute auto-save by default, so if your design is large or complex, the machine is low spec, or you’re working with files from a USB or network drive you might get a pause when it saves. You can turn it off in the settings by setting the time interval to zero. Could that be what’s happening?

And the ‘there’s an update’ bug is known and fixed already. I made a few changes, getting ready for the license renewal stuff, and made it always say there was an update so I could test, and forgot to take the debugging bits back out.

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Hi Oz,

Literally just moving stuff around on very small objects, but i’m 1000% sure you’re right as always and its the auto-save, the files are loaded from another laptop over a network - strange its only just started happening but doesn’t matter to me as i don’t actually need it to save.


thanks as always

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If you don’t need the auto save then just turn that off. If you copied the files onto the local machine first that would help too. LightBurn does the auto-save next to the original file if it can, so it’s going to be doing the save over the network and that will take some time.

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I keep my files on a Google drive so I can get to them from both my PC and my MAC laptop. Auto-save happens “locally” and is then uploaded to my Google Drive in the background. I haven’t noticed any performance problems with this method.

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