1.1.03 - Preview lag time

I recently upgraded to the latest software, 1.1.03 on one of my computers and every time I hit the preview button, I get the rainbow wheel for about 5 seconds and then the preview displays like normal. Not sure if this is only an issue I’m running into but it’s only happening on the one computer that upgraded. The other 10 that we have running LB we haven’t upgraded them yet. Just checking to see if there’s a setting or something I need to undo/edit. I’m running a Mac Mini with the M1 chip. Cheers.

Thank you for drawing our attention to this issue. It has been reported by a few others running Mac as well. No, there is no adjustment or setting you can flip to address. Digging in, we found it’s not Mac specific, but has to do with some new code recently added for checking the modes (rotary, cylinder, etc.)causing this delay, which has been fixed and is currently in Beta testing, targeted for the next release. :slight_smile:

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