1.2.01 update problem with anti virus

Just updated to the latest version and Norton anti-virus will not allow Lightburn to save files or install it properly.
It says it blocked a suspicious action by Lightburn v 1.2.01 tmp.
How do I roll back to the previous version as I cannot disable the anti-virus?

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You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the older release.

All releases can be found here:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

What’s your situation that AV can’t be temporarily disabled or bypassed in this case? 1.2.01 has a number of bug fixes that you probably want if at all possible.

You could also try uninstalling and then reinstalling 1.2.01. That might get around the suspicious activity if it’s related to overwriting existing files.

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I had the same problem.

Reinstalling, restarting etc. did not solve the problem.

It was caused by the Data Protector element of Norton AV, but I eventually managed to figure out how to temporarily disable this…
In the Norton AV app make sure you have the “Classic” launch view. Then select Settings > Antivirus > Data Protector. You can then disable this for a period of time.


Same here. I rolled it back to 1.2.00.

I use Norton 360 and it usually lets me approve an install if Norton finds a problem with the install process. You can also use Norton manually to check the downloaded file for a virus or malware,

Did this let it work? I finally got mine to install, but Norton was throwing constant warnings if I tried to use it.

I set Norton to Classic view as Peter Hunt stated above and deactivated Norton. I still had the same problem. So this time I uninstalled Lightburn and re-installed it (Norton still deactivated) and I got a successful install. I re-enabled Norton and Lightburn seems to work, I have to hook it up to verify it, but it looks good. Thank You Petehunt!!!

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Glad to be of help my first day on the forum!
I actually came here because of this issue and it was @berainlb 's comment that set me in the right direction.

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