1.2.04 update issues

Lightburn 1.2.04
Yorahome 6550PRO 10w
Optical diode laser.
With limit switches
I have had zero issues with this machine in 5 months.
I updated to 1.2.04
The update changed my factory soft limit $ number.
I checked all factory $ settings had to changed $20, and $1 the rest were correct.
$46=2 is now listed under $ setting but not in factory settings
I have lost homing to lower left.
It crashes upper right now.
I changed lightburn device origin setting to upper right and it now it homes lower left as it should.
The issues started immediately after update.

Any recommendations?

You can go to File > Load Prefs Backup to restore your old setup - the last 50 prefs backups should be stored automatically. You will also want to confirm your origin is set up correctly under Edit > Device Settings.