1.3.01 Escape Issues

I recently renewed my license and upgraded to 1.3.01. I am working on a design and editing nodes. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I get done with an edit I hit the Escape button a couple of times, which used to get out of the command and unselect everything. It doesn’t appear to do that anymore, at least as effectively as it used to.

Mine is doing the same as well, I have tried editing the hotkey for select and it will not allow it to be set to esc. its so frustrating!

@LightBurn any answer to this?

I haven’t gotten any answers.

Can you take a video of what’s happening? I can’t reproduce this. For me escaping once exists Edit Nodes and leaves the shape selected. Escaping a second time removes the selection entirely.

The escape button will not go back to the selection tool when for example in node editing tool.

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