1.6.00 layer 2 does not have a C02 label and will not allow fill type choice

Just updated to 1.6.00, but it was doing it on previous release as well. There is no C02 label (red layer) and will not allow the choice of fill type (greyed out)…any other color/layer works just fine. When I used 2, it acted like a galvo on my D1 Pro diode and filled my file all willy-nilly like it was set to flood fill. Wouldn’t be a big deal but it’s my preset for bamboo and I goofed a project when this problem mysteriously and suddenly appeared without me noticing it.

Ideas? TIA

Slightly confused with yoru description

Notice that the layer name is now possible to be edited at the very top - “name” field.

I am confused, however on your description on being unable to set fill layer on C02 when you do have it selected already.
Maybe you could clarify a little more?

Or maybe upload a LBRN please?

It is a little confusing that the layers have a default name of “C0”…and this happens to be layer 2…it has nothing to do with a C02 laser…let’s just call it the “red layer”. Does that help?

And I did upload a pic of the layer settings…see where the choices for “fill all objects together”, etc. are greyed out? That’s what I’m talking about.

That name is arbitrary. You can change to what you’d like.

Check the Advanced tab. It’s likely you have “Flood fill” option enabled.

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Sure enough… Thanks.

Never even noticed that option before. Was that a recent ad on non-galvo versions?

And that sparks another question… Why do galvo settings carry over to my diode when I switch devices? It appears that each device has its own “profile” in some respects, but not others? Any reason they can’t be walled off from device to device?

But yeah… Simple thing like I thought it would be… Just overlooking it. Thanks again.

Also…I know the layers can be named, but rest assured…every one of mine came default as C0, then a number. If I name them while in my diode laser profile, will they carry over to my galvo fiber? You can see why I wouldn’t make them in that case.

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It’s been available for quite some time although not sure when first introduced.

Is there a specific setting that you’re curious about? In general, any setting that makes sense to be device specific will be device specific. I believe there are settings that are device specific only once they’ve been customized. For example, when material library is selected.

If they’ve ever been renamed either by your doing or by opening an existing .lbrn file with that name it will carry over as such.

Changing of the device does not automatically change the labeling on the Layer name. In other words, layer settings persist across device changes.

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They’re “Cee Zero” for the first ten cutting layers, “Cee One” for the next ten, and “Cee Two” for the last ten.

So the third layer in the sequences is “Cee Zero Two”, rather than “Cee Oh Two”.

I really like fonts with slashed or dotted zeros to avoid exactly that confusion, but I admit to a certain nostalgia concerning green-bar tractor-fed paper, too. :grin:

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