-1 and 0 appear in shapes in Workspace

I’m using trial version 1.4.01 on Windows.

I can home my Creality Falcon 10W using the “Laser” window and frame the design currently in the Workspace window. This seems to indicate that Lightburn can command the Creatlity. I have cut and burned a few projects using laserGRBL, so I know that the machine is funtional. However, the “play” button has no effect.

In an effort to debug this issue, I noticed in the Workspace window that, when I draw a shape using the tools in the left panel (e.g. a square), the shape has a “-1” added in the middle with a pink vertical line on the right of the shape, and a circle has a pink diagonal line in the top right corner. I also imported a shape, and this shape has “0” in the centre. Another imported shape has “-1” in the centre. I do not know what these number signify…perhaps they are a clue to why the play button has no effect.

I would appreciate some pointers, please.

How is this possible?

Downloaded a while ago, but not installed until now ?

This strikes me as a developer or diagnostic overlay. Perhaps to identify cut/layer order? No idea how one would enable or disable such a thing.

Personally, I’d uninstall that old version and download/install the current official trial from Download / Trial – LightBurn Software

Yes, it’s true; I downloaded the trial but did not start using it until recently.

The reason was that I first needed to become familiar with using a laser engraver before I activated the 30 days trial. That way, I can evaluate LightBurn and not worry about operating the machine.

Having used LaserGRBL for a few months, I am now ready to consider LightBurn.

I must say, I’m impressed with LB.

Disable Edit->Debug Drawing to resolve this.

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Ah, I must have enabled it some time ago and forgotten about it. I’m curious, can you share more information on what these mean?

I’m not intimate with the specifics but essentially these provide insights on the number of control points that are used to represent the available shapes.

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Welcome and thank you for the kind words. We do recommend trialing using our latest release as there has been quite a few changes, additions, and fixes provided in this newer release. For clarity, our current release as of this post is 1.5.06.

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