1 metre discus launch glider

this was the impetus to buy the neje 2s - no way i could accurately cut the ribs required with round bits missing for the leading edge and spar, but the software (after some initial hiccups) made that a much less onerous task

i adapted an existing design and modified it considerably; producing the required parts was impressively simple, and it has since assisted in bespoke formers and mounts for a second little glider

lightening holes in the stabiliser and fin? see me go…
wingtips with complex inset ply? yep, i’m there

too lazy to cut and paste it all, but for anyone interested, the full story of the build(s) with multiple pics can be found here (the bug) and here (the binary 900)

for those less inclined, here’s a pic of the wingtip (balsa with inset liteply reinforcement

and the completed (but not yet covered) wing

and the final product ready to fly

and doing its stuff :slight_smile: - replaced the initial video with the one i actually meant to link

additional teaser: the pod sub-assembly for the binary

i’m very pleased with the laser, and the ability of the software to make it useful :+1:


The tingle when that happens just never gets old. :grin:

Nice work!