10000 mm on x&y axis

I need help with the 10000 mm issue on the controller panel.
I did factory reset ,BIG MISTAKE.
it was working good before…butttt.
Anyhow now it still won’t reset to zero .
It’s a model G350.
Don’t know the manufacturer.
The controller is : RDC6442G (ec)
On the controller pad it reads
I also did the reset procedure from lightburn.
And the one from RD WORKS.

From our documentation,

A somewhat common mistake for new users is doing a ‘factory reset’ of their controller - this resets it to the stock configuration supplied by Ruida, not the configuration applied by the company that set up your laser, so it’s not recommended to do this. Chances are you already have, which is why you’re here.

We offer some guidance on the following pages:

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I have tried this but will not go to zero , every time I restart it goes to 10000
I can’t believe that there is a little part of the procedure that I’m doing wrong but I cannot get it to work.

Post a few pictures of your laser, including inside the electronics cabinet. We may be able to identify the manufacture. I did a quick search and got the following. Could this be the system you are working with? If so, I would reach out to OMTech for the controller config settings used to tune your machine.

That’s the default “homing does not work” value.

In this order:

  • Set a sensible homing speed, perhaps 100 mm/s
  • Set the home pulloff distance to maybe 5 mm
  • Set the home switch polarity correctly
  • Configure the X and Y axes to home toward the switches
  • Set the keypad direction so the manual jog controls move in the correct direction

When you turn it on, it should home correctly and the axes will be 5 mm off the home switches with the positions at 0.

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