100w Laser wont connect

Just got a new 100w Laser (om tech) Ebay with a Ruida Controller and cannot connect to light burn software. It will not “find my laser” or can’t connect manually. Any tricks?

USB connection and read on here that 9.23 wasnt working so now have 9.22

And what result do you get with this version? Are you able to connect? What OS are you using?

no luck with either version. It makes the “usb sound” when plugged in but nothing. 64 bit. windows 10

You may need to install a driver, if you haven’t already.


Couldn’t have been simpler! Thank you so much for the help!

No problem, you are welcome. Please mark resolved to help others find solutions in the future. :slight_smile:

Click the 3 dots, then…

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