100W PSU setup with Aurdino


New to lasers but as you do I thought I can make one of these. Have a 100W tube and am going through the setup with Aurdino and Grbl. 1 thing I am struggling with is finding how to connect either the TH (Trigger High) or TL (Trigger low) to the aurdino. and which command to use to arm the laser. I am using pin 11 for the PWM and so G1 and S code for laser intensity and travel. M4 to set the dynamic travel. Not sure if I should jut be using a switch with a supply to the TH to turn the laser on. Will be bridging the Water protection for now but will look into a flow switch which a could connect through a relay to the TH.

Assistance and ideas appreicated.



Check in over here. A lot of hardware guys available to answer your questions.

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Sorted Thanks
Works like a charm. :slight_smile:

What did you do?


pin 11 to in
pin 13 to TH
aurdino ground to G

M4 arms the laser
M2 turns it off.

Thanks for posting the fix. If you would have found this post, it would have been fixed quick, thanks to the complete information.

Good luck, have fun


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