15000mw blue laser running through job but not engraving

Hello, I am very new to this software and i was wondering if someone could help me to figure out why my laser is running through the job and appears to be on but does not burn or mark the wood at all. I have adjusted the speed down to very low and tried setting the laser power at 100% it still appears on the 1/8" birch but will not engrave.

I am seeing the same issue with a TTL PWM laser on the MKS DLC 2.0 board, i have not solved it yet but as a test, try turning off the “Laser Mode” option in the machine settings and see if it burns, mine does but its not a final solution as the laser doesn’t vary power properly in the cnc mode. I can cut and engrave in this mode but grey scale images don’t work.

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I downloaded the latest version grbl 1.1h from GitHub and re-flashed my mks dlc 2.0 board after changing config.h and adding defaults for my machine and this problem disappeared, the unit is now working with variable power and laser mode on.

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How can I be sure what board I have?

Wow, nice picture! Could you please share the picture and settings?

Thanks in advance!

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@Tyroler Sure can, image is a 3d stl file from a google search that normally gets 3d printed. There are 2 layers in my file the first does the image and the second that is turned off is to cut it out after its done. What i did in the picture in my post was burn the engrave layer once with a min power of 5 which just touches the first layer of hobby ply i was testing on I don’t like the look if the whites are untouched wood, after returning to my user origin i turned the min power to 0 and did a few more passes of the engrave layer which dictates how deep the rest goes down the further you go the more 3d it looks the whites won’t go deeper since i set min a zero. I was limited by the fact i was using 3mm plywood, a short grained solid wood i bet will look even better.

I was following a video how to on 3d relief I think intended for Co2 laser, min is blue diode 30watt from LaserTree. If you try it of course you will need to adjust the power and or speed settings to suite your laser and set your origin. My machine homes to front left corner and sets it at 0,0 via the firmware so it doesn’t use negative space after homing. Yours may be different.

Here is the tutorial video


Here is my LB save file.

bee5x5.lbrn2 (2.6 MB)

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Thank you very much Steve for the detailed information! Highly appreciated.

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