15W fixed laser diode, setting for cutt

Have 15W fixed diode laser.tried to cut wood material tickness 3mm, even 15 times it cant cutt.

Welcome, and thanks for posting here. We can help get you going but will need some more from you to do so. Have a look at this for what we need to be of best service. :slight_smile:

That looks like you have at least two problems:

  1. It appears to be very out of focus. Since you said diode, look at using the ‘Laser Fire’ button to turn on the diode at low power to adjust the focus. Read here: How do I turn on my diode at low power to focus it or frame a job?

  2. You are cutting the traversal lines, which likely means you are using GRBL, but don’t have Laser Mode enabled. Read here: Laser not turning off between cuts?

Even with the first two problems fixed, for cutting, you’ll probably need air assist as well.

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Well, Thank you again. In some parts you were wright that laser maybe was not in focus, but measuring was done by provided sample from manifacurer.For adjusting focus, i did it, by button, and seems to be diferent hight from samle, litle bit lower.Machine is totaly Cronos, with newer board and power.I did manage to cut wood material about 3mm ticknes, but this material even is same ticknes its harder.Dont know name in english but its purpose is putting in behind of furniture.

These are settings get from console by $$

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