How To Ask For Help

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When asking for support for LightBurn via this forum, email or anywhere else, please keep the following tips in mind for the fastest and most helpful answers.

Please provide these details:

  • We need to know what machine you have, what controller it has, and what firmware it is running.
  • Are you running the latest version of LightBurn?
  • Is the issue new, or has it happened before? What kind of computer is it, and what Operating System is it running?

Please note these things:

  • Please speak in complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Fragments and run-ons are not pleasant nor easy to read. We understand that many of our users are not native English speakers, and are more than accommodating, but some effort should be made from everyone please.
  • Explain what is happening. A picture tells a thousand words, but we need at least a few words explaining the context: what did you do, what the issue is, what the machine is or is not doing, and so on. Also please include pictures of the full screen, and then use words to tell us where to focus our attention, as described above.

Spell it out for us: "I did ___ , I expected ___ to happen, but instead ____ did / did not happen.

tl;dr: pictures, details, and punctuation, thank you.

Just a few steps to make the lives of the people helping easier, and to improve your odds of getting help.

Thank you.

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