My score lines do not transfer to my laser

I cannot get my score lines to go from the PC to the laser. I always set a file to score first then cut, always. today the priorty was set like that but the laser would do the cut then score. now the score lines will not show up on the machine at ll

Change the order of the layers and /or tune using ‘optimization settings’

Welcome. We are here to help. We are also going to need you to share a bit more before we can provide some useful direction.

Start with, what motion control system are you using, which OS are you running and what version of LightBurn. If you are willing, post this LightBurn file.

Not trying to push back or come off as a jerk, but I have to ask, what did you change? :slight_smile: When thinking about the last time you ran this job successfully, what might have changed? If you can share the thinking around this, it might help.

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