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Ok guys. I have done everything I can to fix this but hopefully someone has seen this prob before. Using lightburn. When I put the laser where I want to cut and push origin then frame it moves across the bed to the wrong place. Then when I push start it moves to the other side of the bed then comes back to the wrong place and starts. It has to be a setting in lightburn that I can’t find. Any help is much appreciated. I will post video if can figure out how

Welcome Toby, we do want to help. But simply listing “CO2 and Fiber” doesn’t really tell us anything about what you have and how you drive it. Please check this out for the best possible chance to get appropriate help.

But if I had to guess, you do not have the ‘Machine Origin’ set correctly.

In addition to what’s mentioned above…
If you’re placing the machine where you want it to start, yet still have it set to “absolute coordinates”, it will move to where you placed them on the screen (assuming it has homed properly, and has been allowed to track its movements).
Try “current position” instead, and see if that does anything for you.

Videos can be posted by sharing a link to them from youtube, dropbox, etc.

If he’s using a TopWisdom controller, the public release still has the origin bugs in it. TopWisdom is not officially supported yet, and still being developed, but we have that particular bug fixed already, so if you’re using a TopWisdom controller and tell me which operating system you use, I can send you a build with that fixed.

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I have a 100w C02 black and red Chinese laser and yes it uses topwisdom. I downloaded free trial of lightburn about two weeks ago. Today is first time I’ve been able to play with it much. Had this problem first day but figured I could fix when I got time but now I can’t.

You did not share this bit.

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I hope this tells you what you need to know. Thanks

Sorry, but looking for the OS of your computer. Are you running Windows 10 maybe? The info you did provide would be great to place in your profile though. :slight_smile:

This is my first ever time on a forum so I’m learning as we go. Yes I am running windows 10

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Windows 10. My email is if you can send me a build. Would love to make sure if it works or not b4 my free trial runs out

Mr James. The update made it 99% better but still have one problem and I’m sure it’s just a setting somewhere but when I put the laser where I want it to start at then push origin and it beeps like normal but when I push frame it jumps to the left the exact length of the file and that is where it starts from. I’m gonna include two pics the first is where I set my origin and the second is where it actually starts from

Actually the second one is where I set my origin

I have a topwisdom as well, running this version of lightburn:

Topwisdom suport is not complete so your milage may very. I have found to achieve the most consistent behavior, set you’re origin to absolute 0,0 with the origin button on your controller. In lightburn set your origin to ‘current position’. When you’ve done that you can jog your laser to position and start the cut. Do not hit the origin button on the controller before you hit cut.

I have set my controller to return to absolute 0 after the cut so all I have to remember is to hit that origin button before I jog around again.

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