Origin issues not moving to position on work area, keeps cutting in same spot

I seem to have a problem with the origin settings on all work…I have set my working area to 900 x 600. If I place a word or anything on the working area the soft ware does not move the laser head to that section in the area. it keeps cutting over the same spot right top corner. Example if I place the word in the middle or left bottom corner it starts from top right and cuts at the same spot all the time . the cutting head does not move to the opposite side to start cutting. If I move the head with the move settings it communicates. if i hit home button it homes its self.

Change the “Start From” setting to “Absolute Coords”. Read about the different origin modes here: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CoordinatesOrigin.md

thanks OZ
I managed to cut last night and notices the lettering on curves are all our of shape. would you know why is doing this


Please reword for clarity.

That looks like it’s mechanical. Loose belts, or the laser head being loose on the motion rails.

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