Weird shapes in circles and letters

I drew 20 1/2" circles in a 15" circle and put some words in the middle. I get these strange verticle lines in the circles and letters. Does anyone have any ideas?


If you could provide a screenshot of the project with the ‘cuts/layers’ settings it will give them more to go on, probably get a faster response…

Here are setting pictures, screen shot, and result pictures. I am running a Openbuilds Acro 1010 with black box, and Endurance 10 watt laser.

All of those lines look like “echoes” of the sides of the cut. My guess would be that you have something loose. I can tell from the picture, for example, that you cut the W by itself, then the “elcome”, because both sides of the W show it, but only the top of the l, and the start / end of “elcome” show the issue.

If the machine ‘bounces’ when it changes direction, and takes a moment for that to settle, that could explain this. You should check over the belts and motion components to make sure nothing is loose, or too tight.

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