Searching for "Start Speed" setting

I have read in other postings about this thing called “Start Speed”, and that it supposedly is in the Cut Parameters dialog.

Can’t find it, can someone clue me in? Where is it?


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Try: Edit > Machine Settings
It’s in there somewhere, kinda sorta near the top…

(Laser has to be on to access and change it)

ETA: I thought you were asking about “start speed” on a Ruida controller, but after checking your profile I’m not sure. Please disregard post if not applicable…

Your question is very broad. I am not understanding. I see you don’t have a laser as of yet. Are you looking for a specific setting or feature supported within LightBurn? Maybe start with what are you trying to accomplish? :slight_smile:

OK, here’s the scoop.

I DO have a machine, it’s a Ruida-based 100w Chinese engraver/cutter. As a relative newbie to laser cutting, I was trying to cut through some plywood and surmised that I should slow down. I set the speed to 5mm/sec, 70% max, 10% min. I assumed (wrongly) that this would work to cut 5mm plywood.

As I have come to learn, below a certain speed (Start Speed) the Ruida controller cuts back the power to the minimum. Under these conditions it took 12 passes or more to get through 1/8" plywood. I then sped up the cut to 40mm/sec and amazingly it started to cut perfectly.

Hunting through the forum I found a variety of references to Start Speed. Other people, beginners like me, have had a similar issue with this. Lightburn tech support replies said simply that it is a Ruida setting, not a Lightburn setting (which is true, sort of). What the comments failed to mention is how to get to that setting in the first place.

In retrospect, I’m not planning on changing it from the default of 12mm/sec for cutting, and now know that if I plan to cut slowly, I need to set the minimum to something more usable. More to the point however, I’m running at the highest speed that cuts well, very material dependent. I plan on NOT going above 70% max power, new tubes are expensive!

BTW I finally DID find the setting, it’s under Machine Settings (Edit menu), and as the prior poster kindly remarked, it’s only available when connected to a powered-up machine.

Long story short, I’m now cutting the stuff just fine. It could/should be better described in the Lightburn documentation as it really threw me for a little while until I puzzled it out. Simply stating that it’s a “Ruida controller setting” didn’t help much.

Needless to say, I really REALLY like Lightburn, it’s an amazing product. My comment is meant only to help others who may be confused by this odd behavior.


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Thank you for updating your profile. When I first looked, and I suspect the same for @Hank based on his comments, I saw that this information identified you were still shopping. I see now we are talking about a Ruida controlled system.

Yes, the Ruida controllers use a ‘Start Speed’ setting to control cutting as described here:

This is not a setting for the LightBurn software. This is a setting in the controller itself. LightBurn does provide access to this setting along with other controller settings via the ‘Machine Settings’ window to present this information in an easier UI, but you can set this value directly from the controller without LightBurn being involved at all.

All good Rick, and thanks for the very excellent support.


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