Lots of issues today... HELP!

Lots of issues today… speeds are off the charts (600+) and I can’t change them, I can’t edit text and many icons have disappeared!! HELP!!!

Based on what you have shared, yikes! I understand why you are reaching out, but we will need more to provide assistance that will get you going again.

You have “AP 4836” listed in your profile, so I will assume you are running a Ruida control system in that laser. Please correct me if that is not accurate. Which version of LightBurn on what OS?

Does this mean you have had LightBurn work previously? You have successfully run a LightBurn job on this laser previously? Please describe that job, was it cuts, engraves, both? What were these ‘speeds’ from the successful jobs, and what do you mean “600+”? Files, jobs, the speed was set to some number - now, when I open the file it is 600 times that number? Where do you see these speeds and where are you trying to adjust them?

What icons, in which application, or are you talking about the entire computer.

What have you tried? How was this text generated? Did you import or create within LightBurn?

Please provide as much detail as possible, so we can “see” what you do, know what is set, and can have an expected result that will match yours.

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