How do I get started burning/

Finally got the laser to come on and focus. Drew a rectangle and pressed print and cut. i know that’s too easy.

You should start reading here and keep advancing through to help:

I am thank you but now I can’t find out why the laser says it’s busy.

Nor can I with what you have provided. I cannot see your setup from here. :wink: How To Ask For Help

Please help us to help you. A bit cheeky, I know, but the details matter when trying to understand what you are dealing with. Have you walked through the process I shared? If so, how far did you get? What did or did not happen along the way, exactly?

The ‘Simple Project’ documentation has been adjusted to include a recommendation that you use ‘Absolute Coords’ if your machine is small and has limit switches. Are you using ‘Absolute Coords’ as the ‘Start From’ setting? If so, that should work for you.

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