Newbie Image burning problem

I have a Ortur Master 7W and trying to engrave my first image. It makes about 5 passes and the laser quits. Speed 26 Power 80.Image Mode Dither

Need some help here please.

Think your settings are wrong.

5 passes to engrave is strange… Should be 1 pass.

Speed of 26 is crazy slow.

I mean the laser only makes about 5 passes and quits. Trying Speed 30 Power 50. Still stops so I fired up my new Mac and so far so good. We’ll see. Thanks for your reply. I have a lot to learn!

Welcome Jim, and thanks for supporting LightBurn. @beamer3.6 is correct, you have an issue with the setup of your system but we are going to need details to offer suggestions for solutions. As an FYI, “Speed 26” is not a setting as there is no reference to time. 26 what - MPH, mm/s, Inches/min?

Two things that are worth reviewing, have a look at this to help with understanding the best way to get solid responses: How To Ask For Help

Additionally, try the Search tool found at the top-right of each page, looking for “Ortur Master” as we have a bunch of valuable configuration information we have already provided. Take a look through the results as many questions for this system have been addressed previously.

OK, I haven’t got the terminology down yet, but getting there. I was meaning, 26 MM/S and 80 power Max %. I was using my older iMac with an older Lightburn software for this IOS. I use this Mac in my wood shop for misc wood work projects. So, I moved my new iMac out to the shop and fired up the same image engraving project. All went good without any problems so, I guess it has to be the old Mac and software. However, I would like to get the old system running so, I’ll keep trying to work out the bugs IF possible. Thank you for your help.

When the laser module stopped with the old system, the fan continues to run until I click the STOP button. It might be a streaming problem?

The terminology will come as you chat more about these crazy devices, it’s fine. :wink: You list a NEJE in your profile and mention an Ortur Master as well so we are not sure but will assume Ortur for this post.

These systems can pick up electrical interference that can interrupt the communications channel. I would start by checking that you are using a known-good USB cable that is no longer than about 10’, and make sure the cable is not close to the power source.

OK, I’ll check into the USB cable and be sure it’s clear from any outside power source. Also, I did yet another newbie thing in filling out my profile. I changed the machine to Ortur. Thanks for pointing that out.

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