Light burn mirror image problem

Mirror image problems

Please describe your issue or show a picture, or something, and tell us what kind of machine you are using. “Mirror image problems” doesn’t tell me whether you are having a problem mirroring an image, or your output is mirrored, or you don’t like mirrors, or … . .

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I have a Ruida controller running windows 10
I have the image on the screen correctly but cuts mirrored. I know it’s the origin but I have tried every setting
The right and left origin show correct on screen but cut mirrored. The bottom left and right mirror in machine and cut mirrored. See pics
When I turn the laser on it goes home to the left. It does not stop and makes grinding noises. I have to push the stop button on the laser. I set up the new version 9.23 today has been doing this since I started using LB over 2 months ago.

what happens when yyou preview, prior to cutting ? Does it show reversed n the preview ?

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