New User - Error 9

Hello Rosy, and Welcome.

Your Error 9 message wasn’t going to get the much needed and deserved attention at the end of the other thread.

I have moved it here to it’s own space. You should receive an email message when I respond to and move your message. I may want to move it again as I learn more about your laser engraver.

Error 9 can be offered by your laser engraver, through the LightBurn Console window for several reasons. A common reason for new users is caused by requesting the laser go home when switches haven’t been installed to support the request. Incorrectly wired switches, a weak power supply that does not move the motor or the engraver mechanism getting physically stuck (and binding) could also cause the Error.

Please describe what is happening. You are doing things I can not see. Something is expected and the error arrives instead.

Feel free to write in whatever language you choose. I will translate it and work through ideas or issues that the translator does not capture.

Here is a quick historical message about Error 9:

Here is a strongly worded guideline to help people ask technical Questions online.
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