New user lightburn not responding help!

device is ready, file loaded, nothing happens, screen fades and lightburn exe not responding. help. was working in gerbl but not well as it would not set starting position .

Thank you for posting and welcome. Trying to follow you but I am not sure I am. Are you saying that you are able to successfully load a file into LightBurn, but then LightBurn stops working?

Have a read of this to help you form your information to best help us help you.

Hi Rick and thanks for responding. I will try to provide the information you are asking for. The machine3 is a OTUR 7w laser engraver. controller? 17hs2408-at. firmware? grbl v3.4.0, lightburn 0.9.11. not sure what you mean by controller and firmware. The computer is running windows 10pro 64 bit os. I am a new user with this machine and currently am using lightburn trial version. Will probably buy if I can get it working. I initially had the machine working well using the grbl software with a laptop. Then it started not positioning right. I downloaded the lightburn program and I cannot get it ti work at all. it will load a file and connect to the laser but will not run the program. I have tried numerous times and mostly It says busy, then the screen fades and says lightburn not responding. I did get it to center on the image display and then ran the program. it will not let me jog to the desired position and set position. After running the program once it will not do anything once again and is “waiting for connection”. So frustrated!!!

I understand. I can also tell you that LightBurn does work with your system, once you have things configured correctly.

You do know you may have picked one of the more challenging and interesting tools to add to your toolbox with the addition of a laser. :wink: They can take a little fussing about to get them set up correctly. This will require learning new things, takes trial and error, and some patience, but the results can be very rewarding.

If you haven’t had a chance to review this, it is worth a read.

Have you been through the ‘Find my Laser’ process or did you add your laser to LightBurn manually? Which Device Profile is set to be used in LightBurn?

I will also point you to the “Search” found at the top-right of each page. If you look for “Ortur Laser Master” you will find posts that are about the same system you have.

Where did that number come from? The highest version of Grbl I’m aware of is 1.1h, so I’m guessing that number is printed on the electronics or something.

Is your laser a big square, or more of an L? The Ortur lasers usually have homing switches and home themselves when powered up, and LightBurn talks to them easily once connected. Did you choose a port to connect to? You would do that here:


Lasergrbl v3.4.0 is from the laser grbl website as the latest version. The laser is a “L” shape. It is doing so many things wrong I can’t keep up. So after my last session program is not responding I exit. I had to open gerbl program to home laser. Exit gerbl. Open lightburn. Laser homes. I open a file. Set laser position by clicking on the page. Laser moves (it’s own position) run program. Program ends. Does not home click home button. Laser homes. Device ready. Open move window. Get position is x79.00 y65.00. move laser manually. Lightburn not responding. Will not rehome. Laser window shows busy. Click on decices. Will not reset. Exit lightburn. Pop up window confirm close, you are currently streaming to your device. Are you sure. Click yes. I go through this every time or something close to it. Totally frustrated!!! I added laser manually. where do I find device profile? it is comm port 4 and it connects but doesn’t stay connected.

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