16 Mega Pixel Camera. How to increase resolution?

Hello LightBurn Friends, I just added a 16 Mega Pixel Camera to my China no brand yellow and grey 60 watt laser cutter/engraver. I was using the standard 5 mega pixel camera prior but could not register small items to engrave. By adding a high resolution camera I should be able to see more detail on the object to engrave and sinc the art better but the resolution on the preview is just as blurry or pixelated as the 5 mega pix. I did run the lease alignment and sharpened the image. Is there a way to increase the preview resolution? I have tried clicking in settings/preferences on high resolution but it does not change the preview. I’m on a MacBook laptop running Big Sur IOS.

Thanks for anyones help. Bye the way, when I take a picture on other software I can see the detail so it must be something in the Lightburn preview options/limitations.


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