16 megapixel Camera

I’m currently using an 8 mp 4k camera, and, reducing the working area to 270 x 360 mm I can get about 11 pixel / mm, which is a highly pixelated background to work with.
Recently I found a 16 MP camera, but, as I try to calibrate the lens, I alwais obtain a “pattern not found” warning.
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?
Thank you for your patience and the good work, and have a nice Christmas

Did you get the 16MP camera to work?

Yes, it depends on how big the dot pattern is. Using the same pattern I used for the 8 MP camera, I had to move the camera upwards, and the pixel density was the same. Printing a smaller pattern, and working with it, I could lower the camera, and the result was good, about 16 pixel/mm, which is satisfiying enough to me


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