1600 x 1200 Flat bed can LightBurn camera cover?

Can a LightBurn Camera cover 1600 x1200 bed?

Can it be used with dual head lasers? I have a feeling that it can be used with one head not sure if there is a dual head support.

It’s an enclosed case no a flatbed so there is a place to mount.

Here is a photo of my machine about to be shipped on the slow boat from China …LOL

Cheers and Thank You


Hard to say without more information. Where do you plan to mount the camera? What is the distance from the bed to the mounting point? You will need to do some math on your end but this might help.

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Thank you for the very quick reply. This Lighburn community is awesome!

The calculator is an AMAZING TOOL! KUDOS to the contributor. I am so happy to be part of this awesome group of like minded individuals.

With a 1600mm wide bed, the camera would have about 2:1 pixels per mm of bed space, so the absolute best accuracy you could hope for would be 1/2mm, and that’s assuming that everything is perfect, which it never will be. 1mm accuracy is likely possible, but I cannot state this for certain because I’ve not tried this with a machine this large.

Next month I hope to roll out an 8mp camera with better optics and a larger sensor, which will be better suited for large format machines.

I appreciate your reply and am looking forward to your 8MP camera tool. I would like to be the first to invest in it when you have it available and would love to be
Your BETA tester for the machine. If I can help the community I am all in.is the 8MP camera same concept as the current camera? This will give the 3D printing designers a new case to conceptualize.

With a little bit of tail wind the slow boat from China will be here right around Black Friday with my new tool.Maybe the timing for the 8MP camera is perfect at least for me…

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