2 camera on 2 different machines

I have 2 lasers both with a camera on each,

each laser has a different size bed, is there a way i can setup a camera for that 1 machine instead of going though the calibration each time i switch machines?

If you have a device profile in LightBurn for each machine, the camera settings will be stored with each device profile. Have you set up a single profile that runs both, or do you have two profiles? The latter should just work.

when i run though the setup it changes the size of the picture for the other laser

is the device profile correct as setup on the screen shot

I’m not sure what you mean. If you calibrate one camera on one laser, then calibrate a different camera with another laser, they shouldn’t affect each other’s settings.

If you have an existing image from using the other laser, it might still be visible in the background until you grab a new capture. You might even have to restart, or just re-select the camera to have it grab the right settings from the profile - that happens when you select the camera.

i’ve try restarting lightburn and updateing the current capture, the size of the capture from both machines allways goes back to what ever camera was setup last

I’ll make a note and look into it.

oh i figured it out.

Its whatever machine i pick first when i start the application up is what the size gets set to

If you choose a different machine, the capture parameters should update too, so I’ve logged a task to check that this is working correctly.

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