2 different types of engraving

hello, i am working on a chess set and i want to create chess pieces as tiles; this requires me to create two different engravings of the same image(one representing the white pieces and the other the black). im stumped on how to do this correctly, any recommendations?
below is what i have so for

I am not an expert, but if you set one to fill and the other to line, you should get what you are looking for.

To be more clear, I presume you want to cut out the squares so the power level on all the squares need to be set on one layer/color. …high enough so it cuts through the material.
The piece design can be engraved (from image) or low power cut (just enough to darken the material. (easiest and fastest). Or you could figure out how to engrave the figure (difficult with the double lines) OR you could engrave the whole thing and then do the cuts to make the piece look good. (That would probably look the best and not be too difficult.)

Good Luck


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