2 Laser Diodes on GRBL 2w + 7w

I want create machine with 2 laser diodes. 2W for engraving and 7W for cutting outline.
How I can control this setup with LightBurn?

My dirty idea is connect second laser to AirAsist controll, create engraving with air asist on and offset shifted outline with air asist off, but I think better is native suport … etc with airasist controll comnads.
Etc I can use one laser without power controll.

Neither GRBL or Smoothieware have support for more than one laser. You might be able to use Marlin to do it, using two fans, but there would be no way to make a single job in LightBurn that controlled both lasers - you’d have to switch the output tool manually.

A Ruida 6442 controller would do it (and LightBurn supports dual laser output with this controller) but it would likely cost the same as your lasers.

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