2 Laser, two networks?

Just sort of thinking out loud/looking for input.

I currently have a laser that I am running with Ethernet. I just bought another which will be here next week.

I am wondering if I can use the new one via USB and leave the current one alone instead of messing with the Ethernet network (which has done nothing but give me headaches.)

Sort of looking for the path of least resistance…

Thanks in advance

why just give the 2nd laser a 2nd ip number, 2nd profile in lightburn all good.

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There’s no reason you cannot do that. If you don’t plug in the Ethernet cable, it won’t know.

I ditched USB asap. Gone with an Ethernet connection and love it. Should be able to put as many machines on the network as you have open IP addresses. If anything is flaky it’s the USB.

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That is actually what I plan to try first, but I have nothing but problems with my tiny network. I am sure it is me fighting with my computer.

I was just looking for a fast simple way…


Of course it is fast and simple if it works for you. Unfortunately many people seem to have problems with usb to the controller. Just try and see how it works for you.

Are you having connection problems or what? Machines in the garage, coughed up $25 for a bridge off Amazon. Plugged the router (bridge) into my pc and configured it for a bridge. It stepped you through it, so it’s a no brainer.

Plugged into the Ruida, went to my office and set it up for the Ethernet device, connected and has worked great ever since. So it goes through my network and out the wifi to the bridge and then it’s back to Ethernet for Ruida…

I just wish I could turn the machine off and on from here :slight_smile:

Do you mean the computer or your laser? Both can be done but LightBurn`s and your fire department attitude to it is different than yours. :wink: I personally also believe that a laser machine should never run unattended.
But starting the computer with “WOL” is obviously harmless.

What I meant by that is the chiller and the Ruida for uploading. This time of year it takes almost 5 minutes to reach temperature :slight_smile:

I don’t run it unattended. Never meant to elude to that. Sorry.

… that’s fine, then everyone can sleep quietly :wink:
Jack, You can start your laser computer with “Wake on LAN” from your home. For your cooling machine I would recommend you a SONOFF Basic R2 or sonoff smart socket. For approx. $ 10 gives you the option to remotely start everything you want. Of course, it does not have to be this brand, but I use it for the whole house and am very satisfied. You can even control the temperature or humidity of your laser or your workshop with one of their switches. Time-delayed start stop of the extraction can also be programmed with their gadgets.

Unfortunately I don’t have a computer at the machine. It’s generally uncomfortable and hot out there, so I do all I can from inside. At least until the weather cools down a bit.

Interesting wifi system. Then I’d have to carry my phone around. Don’t even know where it is this morning :slight_smile:

It’s a lot better than the sneakernet I used to use :slight_smile:

… it’s my fault, I forgot again that the Ruida controller sits directly on the LAN without a computer.

Well it’s the manufacturers making all these things that do the same thing, differently :slight_smile: