2 Questions My settings change from project computer to computer running laser

#1-I create on 1 computer, speed/power/scan angle/number of passes/dpi/, then transfer by google drive/USB Drive/Email to computer running laser OLM2 Pro S2
I exported laser settings from computer running laser and imported to design computer
My problem is layers speed and power are correct, but line, line+fill, will be different, then in cut settings editor, dpi, scan angle, cross hatch, number passes, and fill shapes will be from last project that I ran on laser computer.
Is there a way where everything is the same from design computer to laser computer?
#2- I’ll click new thinking I’m going to file save as. In a rush I’ll click save, sometimes it’ll give me option for location others it wont. Where does the file go when you click save and no option for?
I assume where I opened it from?
Many Thanks,

After research #2 question answered
Fixing try #1

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