"20 Watt optical power laser settings

*hi All Just looking for a bit of help and advice on speed and power settings for a Toocaa L2 its a 20 watt laser but this is a full 20 watt optical power not like 5.5. so was looking for some settings or which laser i might find similar settings from thank you for any help or advise. *

There is no such thing as general settings for a 20W laser module. Every material is different, every laser module is different. Have a look here for some background information:


I made up a rule I use when converting from my 10w to using the 20w setting on my other laser. I call it the “90% Rule”. For example, 50% power, 1000mm/m on the 10w does not become 50% power, 2000mm/m on the 20w machine. I reduce the feed rate to 90%, or 1800mm/m. This compensates for dot size and efficiency differences.

Of course, This is to only get me near the proper settings.

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