24×36 laser cutter/engraver

Need some help please
I have a laser that I made useing parts from an old k40 im useing the power supply and tube and stepper motors also cohesion3d smoothie mother board. The machine is homing but is reallly slow and the X axis is much slower than the Y axis

Gcode has settings for homing speed and a more accurate slower speed to re-engage the switches.

Don’t know where these are in the Cohesion controller…


There are also speed and acceleration settings for each stepper motor.

Thank you
Ive changed the homing speed on the sd card text file but it didn’t change the speed for some unknown reason

I have tried some different speed changes on the sd card but it dont change. I do save it every time i change it. I really don’t know what im doing wrong

I’m running the same setup, try changing alpha fast homing and beta fast homing rate, line 286 to 291 is the homing speeds

Thank you. I’ll reset the speed to that setting.

I have mine set at 50mm/sec for alpha and beta fast homing rate

Thank you. Are these settings on the sd card also.
I wish my lightburn had a machine setting but it dont

If you are running a cohesion 3d board with smoothieware the config is on the sd card

Thank you for sharing this photo. Ill set mine to this setting and let you know what happens. Ill post photos of my setting too. I think i may have messed up on something

Let me know what happens i can post my config if needed

I will let you know when I get in my shop this evening

Hey mmww, I changed my settings to exactly what you have. It is homing somewhat ok but still slow. On the other hand. When I cut something the Y axis is moving faster than the X axis. Also when I jog the machine the Y axis is moving to whatever the speed I set for it. The X axis is moving really slow when i jog it.

You can change the 50mm/sec it will speed up homing, can you post your config

check pulley on x stepper it could be slipping on motor shaft, also check that the plug is seated all the way in

Yes sir I’ll post the entire config. You may see something I did wrong

I checked everything over and over. I also hooked up my m2nano board and everything moves just fine. There is something else going on

is the steps per mm the same for x & y in the config

To be honest I don’t know. I will see and get back with you. I’ll send pictures