30. June 2022 EZCad Control

Great to hear that Lightburn will be adding EZCad 2. Control at the end of the month, the long wait is almost over. Lightburn is going to really transform the way fiber users work, just as it did for CO2 users.


There are limits.
Does your EZCad 2 device connect with a USB cable?

Tell me about your laser engravers.

Both my Fiber lasers are connected by USB, I also have one CO2 laser connected by USB and my other three lasers (two CO2 and one RF) are connected using Network Cables.

@JohnJohn My fiber laser is also connected via USB. What information do you need? I’m happy to give you whatever information you need for this! I’m beyond excited for this new feature and have stopped using EZCAD because it’s so bad.

Not sure if I need any info thanks. I’ve been using the Beta for months now and it will be a real game changer for Fiber users just as it was for those using CO2.

Plasma control next?

This is our latest on LightBurn for Galvo support. :slight_smile:

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