30 trial up. using Lightburn with a Ortur 3 laser cutter

Been using LIghtburn 30 day trial and is ending very soon. Very impress using this package, very easy to use, had some glitches to start but working fine for what i want to do. Now my trial is up i am a bit confused about renewing the light burn licence showing different machines and prices. So what do i click on to continue to use light-burn using a Ortur 3 laser cutter, not sure what the code or cost is.

You need the G-code version. $60 US or $84 CDN.

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I’m certain that you’re looking for this one.

Lots of folks are confused by the picture of the circuit board. There’s a board of this type under the cover on the Ortur Laser Master 3. This licence will handle almost all of the Diode laser systems on the retail market.

Thank you for choosing LightBurn.

Thanks guys.

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