3000mW Blue CNC Laser Engraver module upgrade

Mornin All

I am considering Upgrading the 3 watt module


With (from Amazon)

Do I need anything else or is it Basically plug n play?

I Really hate returning things.

Any comments on AliExpress modules such as

It says * Optical Output Power: 40W, but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath!!!

It might be a Little OverKill but I would find a use for the Extra power. lol

Most 30 to 40 watt show 5 to 7 watt Optical output.
Plus not many show life span.


Right across it says ‘Electric power 20 to 30 watts’, so it’s output is greater than it’s input… It does say it draws 2.5 A at 12V or 30 watts input power.

I purchase one of the Neje 30 watt ones from the Neje site, I’ve been very happy with it but I don’t use it much since my co2 arrived.

My laser input power it thirty watts, and I think I get less than 3 out, which is 10% and I’m ok with that.

Don’t have a meter calibrated for the wavelength, so it’s only a guesstimate.

You won’t have a problem here… :crazy_face:

As far as how long will they last, I never ran mine at 100%, but people have them from hours to years what killed them is usually unknown as with a chunk of non working silicone is hard to ‘see’ what happened to it.

Like co2 devices, they are considered user ‘consumables’.

Good luck.


Am I misunderstanding something?

So this makes me think it isn’t really 40 watts output.

With this it makes me think it is!

According to the site, it only 30 watts in, so that’s probably an excellent deduction.

I have a ‘China Blue’ 50 watt co2 and I measured it’s output with a Mahoney and a ‘dohicky’ both gave me a measurement of 44 watts.

Started out like this…

You will notice a big difference. Just enjoy it and learn to take these Chinese adds for what they’re worth…

Good luck


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