3018 CNC alignment laser settings

I am getting issues with laser not engraving were image is set. I am using a 4inx4in piece of wood, when I add image and start itch laser is going above where I have centered. Then when I move image it is telling my I am out of bounds

Not enough information.

What kind of machine are you using? How is it configured? What controller? What firmware?

It sounds like you have your origin set wrong, but not enough info to be sure.

I am running Sainsmart 3018 Pro. With woodpecker v1.1. I have orgin set bottom left

When you issue a manual home command, where does the machine go?

It goes to the orgin of the red square

As I can’t see your machine, ‘the origin of the red square’ is no help at all.

Good luck, I’m out.

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