3018 pro laser focusing and pwm

I have a 2.5w laser on a 3018 pro and i am very new to this. I bought the machine second hand it all came as a single package so unsure of the laser manufacturer. The control board is camtool cnc v3.3 with grbl 1.1f i was told it supported pwm but am not sure. The 3 plug connector shows gnd/sw/12v on the laser (which i assume sw means switch) and +/s-/- on the control board. I get no difference in brightness of laser with differnet values of percentage on the fire button with S max value set to 255 in both grbl and lightburn. Is this board even capable of changing power level? I cant seem to find any info on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I found the board and laser are both capable. However when i turn the laser all the way down to .o4% the laser still burns wood and paper within a second making it hard to focus. Is there anything i can do to allow for better focusing?

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