30W Fiber power draw

Hey Community I need some help,
I have a 30W RAYCUS Fiber with a dedicated 110v 30amp line to its own breaker. When I power up a burn even on low laser power burns I can see the monitor start slowly dimming, if I pause the burn it will brighten back up, the laser will slow down, and on a large filled in area if you look close you can see deviations in the burn lines. Can anyone make any suggestions on what I should do?

I have a 60W JPT MOPA and the whole thing draws around 8A.

Me thinks it’s not getting that 30A that you say is available… :thinking:

Here’s the specs for my mopa, it draws 1000W or about 8.3A…


Do you mean that maybe the power coming into the breaker is providing enough power? I only ask because the setup is pretty simple 30amp breaker, 50am romex, and heavy duty 2 socket 110v outlet. My electrician is one of my closest friends and he is a master electrician so I know it’s done correct. So that would only leave the power supply from the pole.

Is this a new machine?

If your PC monitor is dimming it would indicate a loss of power somewhere.

Is your monitor plugged into the same socket?

I’d double check power connections…

Do you have a voltmeter to check the supply voltages.?


It is 6 mo old only used about 30 - 40 times and bought it from trusted source, no the laser has its own dedicated power to meter box with 30amp breaker a 50 amp romex wire. Yes I have a multi-meter I will check it tomorrow at the actual plug that goes into the laser PS.

Ok for those interested I discovered the issue. I finally after exhausting every knowledge asset I had decided to see what type of laser was installed in my system. Much to my dismay I discover that it is a MAX laser. Through all of my previous research I kept seeing articles that advised to stay away from systems that are setup with a MAX laser. One of the biggest issues I saw was that the voltage regulators are a known issue. All that being said during my research I found that the most recommended laser was the Cloudray built with a JPT laser. So I did a bunch of price searching and discovered that if you buy direct from Cloudray you get US based support, 2 year warranty etc. I am now the proud owner of a 50w Cloudray JPT system, I will keep yall posted.
BTW To all that tried to help thanks for your input.

Congratulations… You have a nice machine…

Did you ship the MAX back?


No I only have $1000.00 in the machine. It works great for small items so I decided to keep it, and I can run test stuff on it as well.