$32=1 Laser mode - automatic?

Hello. Some work ruined again: forgot to send $32=1.

Yes, I have Macro but… it still must clicked.
Yes, I tried Device Settings → GCode → Start GCode. Not sure what is that I’m doing wrong but wich $32=1 code there, sometimes device goes crazy after hitting Play. Quite often actually.
Beside, I read that $32 is written to the flash to having it stored each time is not increasing controller lifespan.

Feature request: configuration option for automatic sending $32=1 when device is connected.
So usually when the program starts, but also when com port is changed/choosen.

Why? Usually I switch Lightburn port to “choose” to release port for other software which (thanks to mobile device) allows me to position machine in way more efficient way. Then I’m releasing port, and connecting machine in Lightburn again.

Thank you in advance for considering or helping me out with this somehow.

I think you’d be far better served by working out why your controller is not saving the configuration change.

Is this for your OpenBuilds BlackBox? I can’t imagine they would disallow saves on the controller given that it’s a multi-purpose controller meant to control custom devices.

This forum post discusses making GRBL saves in OpenBuilds. It’s unclear if the method described is the only way to save but it’s clear that saves can be done.

trouble saving GRBL settings | OpenBuilds

It is saving. That is not the issue.
Thing is that I work with laser one day, and then switch to router next day.
So of course I will ask similar question on openbuilds forum but with $32=0 instead of 1. :slight_smile:

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