3D effect in the Font


Can anyone shed some light on achieving this sort of 3D effect in the engraved font, particularly on the Corona part.


They used a shaded greyscale image and greyscale mode in LB.

It effectively gives you 3D engraving.

EDIT: I tried to find that file to send you, but am having no luck.

Hi Bo

Thanks for your response. I’ve never tried Greyscale before, perhaps now would be the time to give it a go. Are there specific fonts available for greyscale engraving or would it only be from an image file?

Thanks for your advice.

Attached is the file I used for the generic 2D engraving but not sure if this can be used.
corona.lbrn (843.5 KB)

It really looks like in the example picture you provided that they used a CNC V-carve operation not laser. You can see where the tip of the bit (which never comes to a true point) traveled for the cleanup especially well in the BAR lettering. Not that this couldn’t be done on a laser with the greyscale like Bonjour suggested.

Thanks Tyler,
The original image came from a customer who asked if I could make her a sign like this for her home bar. Consequently I was only able to do the straight forward engraved version but the shape of the fonts did catch my attention.
CNC carve would certainly explain those lines you mention.