3D Etching Capability

Hi, i’ve ordered an Omtech Co2 50W machine (havent got it yet) but wondering if Lightburn can handle 3D etching. If not, any ideas what to use?

Do you have an example of what it is that you mean by “3D etching” ?

Hi Ernie
That’s a coincidence, this one comes from just below the laser, a co2 40 W machine.
Image purchased from Etsy.com, Lightburn setting, Grayscale Dpi 330 Speed 110mm/sec Power 50

greetings Sjaak

Beautiful. Ok that makes me feel a little better

Here are 2 ex oz

The first image is called a bubblegram, and it typically uses an extremely expensive device that focuses two lasers to a point inside the acrylic and causes a mark within. You will not be able to do that with a generic CO2 laser.

The 2nd is a simple heightmap / relief image, and that is possible with the machine you have.

ok that’s good. And lightburn can handle that? I assume my 15W diode machine can’t.

No, but the 50w OMTech should. This was a 60w Thunder Laser:


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