3D Illusion engraved leather

Had not attempted to engrave leather until last week.
Cowboy Horse Leather Photo
Soldiers Leather Photo

Please understand, these are 3D illusion laser engraved.

Veg Tanned leather of 3-4oz in thickness. I tempered as though I was going to carve. Images are un-retouched. No finish on the leather as they aren’t completely dry.

Hope some of you enjoy a different take on Laser Engraving.

Did you use grayscale?

Pretty slick… :wink:


WOW that Cowboy one is really impressive.

You did really good with that. Congrats.

That begins with a photograph or drawing then run through one of several software that are available to make a shaded file.

I have “Blend” but it is very complicated and haven’t used it. Maybe some day.

The LightBurn file is .png. I adjust the speed and power plus

Adjust Contrast, Brightness, and Gamma to my satisfaction. Other settings are about the same for any image.
I use Air Assist, Bi-Directional scanning, Pass-Through with Threshold Mode.

Very nice.

What product do you use to shade or blend it?


Many years ago I done photo restoration and touch up, occasionally now.
My go to programs, Photoshop and Illustrator.
The images I show above were done by a gentleman from Europe. A lot easier and faster unless I want to select one of the photos in my personal library.