3D Illusion laser engrave

This is a 3D Illusion laser engraving.
I have been fascinated by some of the renderings in photos.
Decided I would do some experimenting.
This image is only 4 1/2" square, I would obviously make it larger.
Omtech 60W/50W CO2 laser. 200mm/sec speed and 20% power max with 6% power minimum. I finished it with satin lacquer.
Material is 3mm Maple with MDF core. The engrave isn’t completely through the veneer.
As with most Illusions I have observed they have more depth when viewed at a fair distance.
Experimented with a number of different settings. With this engrave the laser was reading 0 to 3 mA.
The settings above seemed to be near optimum for contrast in the rendering.

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