3D Image effect with Ortur Laser

Looking for some help getting 3D image effect with Ortur diode. What kind of file; what cut settings and passes etc. Any info greatly appreciated

I can think of two or three ways to interpret your question. I’m not certain what you would like to do.

If you have an example of something similar that you’d be willing to share it may help you get the direction you’re looking for.

I have seen images on wood that appear to have depth, as if they were engraved using a cnc or router. I am not looking to cut layer and build, just looking for the 3d effect

Ok, a few ideas here to unpack.

You’re looking for an image file (as opposed to a vector file) that is drawn with all the lines and shadows.

You’ll need to find your smallest dot using the Interval Test in Laser Tools.

Lots of testing and experimentation will be required.

This is useful for the direction you’re headed:

Post results, even (especially) results you’re not happy with.

The more experienced eyes you can get on your work the sooner you’ll reach your desired outcome.

Hi Paul
To make that type of image you will need to use a 3D image or Bas Relief image. Cnc machining files can also be used. If you are careful with your settings you can get great results. Good Luck.

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